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0750 - Slip Sock Application Aid

  • Slide onto the foot prior to applying stocking
  • Helps open toe stockings slide smoothly onto the foot and over the ankle
  • Reduces friction between the wearer's skin and the compression stocking
  • After applying stocking, Slip Sock may be removed by pulling gently through the toe opening of the stocking

752 - Stocking Applicator

  • Simple step-in device allows for easy, correct application of graduated compression stockings, even with some loss of hand strength and dexterity
  • Donner works for the wearer by stretching the fabric so that it is much easier to slip up and over the foot and heel
  • Device features a lightweight, sturdy wire frame construction with a protective coating that will not harm even the most delicate support hosiery
  • Available with either a 4" opening to easily accommodate most legs; or a 5" opening for larger sized legs

755 - Stocking Applicator

  • Sturdy metal frame offers security during donning
  • Plastisol coating avoids rough edges and keeps the stocking from slipping
  • 7" x 15" base
  • 12" high

757 - Donning Gloves

  • Higher quality and more comfortable than standard rubber gloves
  • Completely free of natural rubber latex
  • Makes donning compression stockings much easier
  • Offers protection against runs and snags to the fabric